What Are the Advantages of Greensboro Cantilever Racks

You may own a small business or might be the owner of a multinational manufacturing firm you should never compromise with the quality of storage units used for storing your goods and inventory. Unavailability of the right kind of shelving will leave your documents and goods scattered and disorganized. This can cause serious problems for you as you will struggle to find things when you need them the most. One way of getting rid of this problem is using Greensboro cantilever racks.

cantilever rack

The term cantilever racking is used for racks that come with several cantilever arms, each of which are used for carrying freight. Are you not familiar with the term cantilever racking? If yes, read through the section below to learn about the features and advantages of these racks.


The principal reason behind the huge popularity of this kind of shelving is its flexibility. These racks can be expanded up to any given length. So, if you own a business that sells extra long items, you can consider buying these racks for storing goods offered by your company. These shelves will allow you to stack extra long objects without causing any horizontal restriction.


When it comes to application, there are few other shelving options that are as versatile as this one. You can store almost everything in these racks. This is possible because these units can be configured according to your own requirements. However, they are mostly used for storing heavy duty objects. Use of these shelves is common warehouses, construction sites and several other places where heavy duty items are used. Workers do not face any difficulty in retrieving items kept at raised levels while using these racks.

Several Flooring Options

While shopping for cantilever racks Greensboro, you will come across units with different kinds of flooring i.e. flooring made from different materials. You will find units with flooring made from glue-less laminates, vinyl, oak, bamboo, parquet, hardwood etc. Each of these flooring types has their own pros and cons. The prices of the units vary based on the material used in flooring. This gives the buyer the opportunity of selecting a cantilever shelf according to his budget and needs. There are some who are fond of laminated flooring as they never stain and are not susceptible to dents; additionally laminated floors are also water and scratch resistant. Some, on the other hand love vinyl floors due to their durable and stylish nature. Racks with other flooring types also have several fans with their own reasons for liking those pieces.

Cantilever racks are a much more efficient solution to floor-based storage systems. They ensure that your goods are stored at a height. Overall, such racks can go a long way in increasing the overall efficiency of storage or distribution hub. They also play a vital role in decreasing the handling time required for the objects in question.

So, if you have been trying to find a sustainable and scalable solution for storing objects such as pipes, beams, plywood, lumber, building materials and several other large items, you should certainly consider investing in cantilever racks. They help you meticulously organize your material in a safe and easy-to-locate manner.

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